Xbox 720 Will Be 6x More Powerful Than Current Gen

The current generation of video gaming consoles has seen developers jump on board with HD graphics and attempt to obtain the highest sense of realism in gaming ever. It has also seen innovative controls from Nintendo’s hugely successful Nintendo Wii and motion controls, to Microsoft’s Kinect and Playstation’s Move following suit. A generation that has connected millions of gamers online and brought out blockbuster hits like new installments of Halo, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Skyward Sword and Skyrim, the new generation of consoles is just around the corner.

Nintendo unveiled its early versions of their Nintendo Wii-U mid 2011 to much praise. Featuring a brand new controller that includes a touch screen monitor, gyro technology and allows connectivity that’s never been seen before, it is slated to be released this year to likely great sales numbers. Following suit though is Microsoft and their codenamed Xbox 720 (double of 360).

While little is known about this upcoming console, it is known that it is slated for a Fall of 2013 release. Production of its new GPU will begin late this year and will be based upon the Radeon HD 6670. Radeon HD 6670 offers support for 3D, multi-display outputs, 1080P output, and DirectX11. The market current values this chip at near $80, suggesting this console will not be cheap, as one could imagine.


With such technology, the Xbox 720 is being claimed to be 6x more powerful than the current generation of consoles, which would make it around 20% more powerful than the Nintendo Wii-U. The two consoles are not exactly expected to be direct competitors however. Nintendo spent the current generation seeking to increase the market base by allowing for more casual gamers and ease of functionality, while Microsoft and Sony focused on the so called “hard core gamers.” Nintendo has stated that they do wish to bring back some hard core gamers in the next generation, so it will be interesting to see power versus innovation.

Regardless of what approach is taken with gaming, the graphics and pure game play value will be outstanding. The average number of hours spent playing video games keeps going up, and with the Xbox 720, it is expected to keep rising. Cincinnati landscaping services and landscaping service providers all across the world will need to be hired to keep the yard in order with all the hours spent on Microsoft’s Live network.

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