Mens Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Guy Who Has Everything

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Do you know what you want for Christmas?  How about what you’re going to get for the guy who’s always had your back?  Buying great gifts for guys can be a little hard to figure out, even when it’s just for your dad or other family members.   That’s because there are a lot of men who already seem to have everything.   No need to worry this year, though, these  items and men’s gift ideas are hot tickets for just about any guy who seems to have everything – and they won’t completely empty your wallet.

For the guy who has everything, it’s these men’s gifts he may not have

Make Your Own Beer Kit. For those guys who love a great tasting beer, what’s better than brewing your own little masterpiece in a bottle?  Ale? Lager? IPA? Stout? Let them decide with a gift card from!Grab a “make your own beer kit” for your favorite friend and they’ll owe you for life.  Whether they love ales, lagers, or stouts, or enjoy light or full-bodied beers, there is a kit for every man’s taste.  They even sell gift cards if you are unsure.  No real man would ever complain about getting a gift like this – but if they do, they shouldn’t be your friend anyway! Check it out here: Improve Your Home. Make Beer in It!

Secret Book Box (secret storage box). Even for guys who aren’t literary geniuses, getting a secret book box is an awesome alternative to the standard gift.  These secret storage boxes are made out of recycled antique or old books – so they look like a real book, but they are actually a storage box.  They come in many sizes, and in a variety of titles and subjects, so the book boxes are customizable for each individual recipient.  Great for the office or at home, store a few things you don’t want anyone to know about, or use it just to hide the remote controls on your coffee table.  NOTE:  This is an item you would have to order a few days in advance, as they are hand-made and take a couple days to deliver – a great gift for the “guy who has everything.”
See more here: Stash Boxes -Boxes handmade from used books.

The new Kindle Fire / E-readers. E-readers have come a long way, so even if the guy you’re buying a present for already has one, its possible that he’s due for an upgrade.  Right now there are three top products that occupy the most-popular block of the electronic Reader market: the Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon’s Kindle and the Sony Reader.  Standing out as the most cost-efficient while still having the latest in technology, however, is the new release from Amazon, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″, HDX Display, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, 32 GB – Includes Special Offers But, if that’s still out of your price-range, Amazon is the only one offering another more cost-friendly version that virtually everyone can afford:  the  Kindle Fire HD 7″, HD Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB, with Special Offers Even guys who don’t think they could use one end up taking it everywhere with them.

HD TVs…  Cheap. Thanks to the economy (and a little time on the market to cover research and development) the best televisions have come down significantly in price. Cheap HD TVs Now you can find cheap 19 to 42 inch  HD TVs for $500 or less.  In fact, there are some HD TVs to be had for less than $200.   If you don’t have an HD TV, you need one – and so does your buddy.  Do the right thing and watch sports the way it was meant to be watched.  Grab one as a gift, and let everyone else know you want one too.

Game Tickets.  For as many items as a “man with everything” can own, chances are he doesn’t have season tickets to every local sporting event. Get him a pair of tickets to a great game.  Whether its his favorite pro team or an NCAA pick, not only will he enjoy the gift, but he might even take you with him!


His favorite liquor. a good bottle of liquor | good scotch or tequilaBuy something a guy might not normally buy for himself…  like a top-notch brand of his favorite liquor.  A great scotch or tequila will go a long way.  Plus, this kind of gift, like the game tickets, is something that he may share.  There’s nothing like a having a good drink with a friend!

Personalized Items/Novelty  Gifts. Getting anything personalized can make an ordinary gift extraordinary.  It doesn’t have to be a chick-type gift either.  Get personalized items like golf balls, flasks, lighters, BBQ grill sets beer holsters and more. Personalized gifts for guys |gift ideas for menThey even have novelty items that can be personalized, like “man-cave” door mats and shot glasses.  There are a number of online retailers that specialize in  personalized gifts for men, it’s just men don’t normally think of them as their go-to source for guy gifts.  The added bonus?  These kinds of gifts are usually both unique and priced right.  Check out more out at Personal Creations recommends:

  1. Personal Creations – Save 25% from this link
  2. Book Box Company’s Secret Stash Box
  3. Make Your Own Beer Kit: Improve Your Home. Make Beer in It!
  4. Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display with Wi-Fi.
  5. HD TVs for $500 or less