New Song ‘Nice Guys Finish Last’ a Hit on YouTube (VIDEO)

'Nice Guys Finish Last' Song available on iTunes

The latest song, “Nice Guys Finish Last” posted on YouTube by Chester See, Kevjumba & Ryan Higa is set to be one of the biggest hits to kick off the summer. 

Produced by Andy Lange, shot by Justin Safael and directed by Kevjumba, this video is hilarious and the lyrics really knock it out of the park.  There’s a lot of truth to the song, with part of the hook stating, “Nice guys finish last, That’s why I’ll treat you like trash.”   Other lyrics are things you wish you could say – but probably never would.  For instance:

Girl: ” Do I look fat in this dress?”
Guy:  “Hell, yeah you do!” “Wait lemme speak your language….  Cows go Moo!”

The video gives a lot much depth to the lyrics, and the words are much more interesting put to music than simply reading them, so watch it for yourself, and be prepared to laugh out loud.    

‘Nice Guys’ is available now on iTunes.